♪ 'Cause trying not to love you, only goes so far

Trying not to need you, is tearing me apart

Can’t see the silver lining, from down here on the floor

And I just keep on trying, but I don’t know what for 

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He shook his head. “Not much to it. They suspended me for a week, that’s all. Not like it’s hard to sneak out.”  He waved his hands around. “As you can see.”

I’m surprised you didn’t get more time.”

A patch of sunlight lit up his crystal-blue eyes. “Disappointed?

She looked shocked. "You set someone on fire!”


YA Book Challenge

[2/5] Top 5 Favorite Male Characters

Christian Ozera of The Vampire Academy Series

ʺYouʹre going to get dirty,ʺ she warned.

ʺAlready am. Oh, you mean from your clothes?ʺ He wrapped his arms around her, heedless of her damp and muddy state. ʺI spent most of my childhood hiding in a dusty attic and own exactly one dress shirt. You really think I care about this T-shirt?ʺ” 

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vampire academy characters + symbols

(inspired by x)

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 PSD.12 by psdhampirs.

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“Only a true best friend can protect you from your immortal enemies.” - Vampire Academy Richelle, Mead

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Here comes a hurricane, trouble is her middle name. x

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VA ladies

Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters (2014)

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